This website had a strong profile of referring websites in the topics of the Art of online writing, and computer programming languages. Also operating systems, business services, blogs on the web, Particularly a link from Travis Smith’s blog ‘Unvarnished’ somehow let it have a thousand links, which isn’t good, nowadays. Disconnect the Dots, was only online in 2006. Wayback machine
For the rejuvination of, I think the focus is still on technologies iwriter_screenieof ‘spinning’, and hiring freelance writers on companies like iWriter. I think a link out to wordpress and iWriter would be a good idea here.

The phrase disconnect the dots, can be portrayed as if: Don’t follow the common path, IWriterdon’t follow the typical mainstream media’s spoon-fed conclusions. Look at the dots, the facts, and find your own patterns, using critical thinking, your own research, and by talking to people actually having first-hand knowledge.

The Wayback machine couldn’t show me anything about this former website.