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The phrase disconnect the dots, can be portrayed as if: Don’t follow the common path, IWriterdon’t follow the typical mainstream media’s spoon-fed conclusions. Look at the dots, the facts, and find your own patterns, using critical thinking, your own research, and by talking to people actually having first-hand knowledge.

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What Happens When the Buyer Rejects Buying Something?


Freelancing has become one of the best ways to get additional income. This has been possible through various online sites such as elance, odesk, iwriter, freelancer and other academic writing sites just to mention a few. Every platform has its unique rules and regulations iwriterrejectwhich ensure that the writer gets compensated for the work done; the platform get its commissions and the buyer gets quality job in return.

At iwriter, the client posts a job and all the jobs go to the public queue where any writer, depending on the level can accept the job and write it within the specified period of time. However, if it is aiwriter-rant special request, then it will go to that specific writer.

On the successful completion of any assignment, the client has to review the job within three days otherwise, it is approved automatically. It is only after the job has been approved that the writers get their compensation. The buyers have threeapprovereject main options at their disposal: they can approve, reject, request for a rewrite or report the articles as spam. The situation is not really different from the normal market place. May be the terms used may be different but the implications and actions still remain the same.

Reporting the assignment as spam will make the writer’s account reportspamto be banned permanently by administrators of this website; rewrite implies that the writers are given another chance to perfect their work; approval implies that the writers will be compensated and the reject option implies that the writer will not get compensated for the work.

But, what really happens when the buyer rejects some of these assignments?

7227631_f260One of the most obvious one is that the writers do not get compensated for the assignment. This is where the curiosity as to why a buyer can decide to reject an article at iwriter comes in. The buyers are at liberty to reject all assignments they feel do not meet their required standards. They can do this as many times as they wish to until such a time that the get a writer who can actually fulfill their demands. This is the same situation in the normal market place. If you try to sell a product which does not meet the requirements of your clients then most definitely they are likely to reject any of your offers.

Poor reviews or low rating is yet another common ReviewStars1phenomenon when a buyer rejects an assignment or product. Like iwriter, the buyer can decide to give a writer a rating of one star or 2 stars. This will have an adverse effect on the writers overall performance. In fact if a writer’s rating below 3.2 after 10 reviews, or 3.4 after 20 reviews then his or her account is likely to be terminated. This is an indication of substandard or poor quality work.

It’s not different from the normal market environments. Generally, poor rating or reviews will have a negative impact on the business general performance. No wonder, various standards have been set to ensure that quality products are sold in the market.

When buyers continuously reject your services, it will imply that the probability of prospering in that business will be very minimal. This may call for change of strategies and quitting the business completely. It is advisable to provide quality and genuine products since it is the only way to win the buyers’ trust and thus more revenue.