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The phrase disconnect the dots, can be portrayed as if: Don’t follow the common path, IWriterdon’t follow the typical mainstream media’s spoon-fed conclusions. Look at the dots, the facts, and find your own patterns, using critical thinking, your own research, and by talking to people actually having first-hand knowledge.

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Become The Best Writer; How To Choose Projects For High Rating


As a writer, it goes without saying that iWriter has played quite a vital role in my growth. With each order, I get to explore a whole new side to writing; new styles and information. And while I could say that getting better ratings in iWriter is mostly about loving what you’re doing and giving it your all, I would be leaving out some crucial factors. Sure, you may have the talent or rather skill, but that’s not all that it takes to scour the peaks, you need to know who you are working with, what they want and how to serve it appealingly. Which brings us to toe question; how do you choose projects for high rating?

Personally, I do believe that a writer should always write on a topic that fascinates or rather piques their interest. Not only does it motivate you but it also gives you a chance to learn more about the subject in question creating a win-win situation for both you and the requester. However, some days aren’t lucky and you find yourself stuck with complicated or dour orders, in such cases, I always go for the order with the highest approval rate.
On my lucky days however, I like to check on the number of tips. I mean, if I’m going to give my best, I’d like to think that there’s a chance of getting a tip at the end of it, right? After all, I do know just how capable I am of producing the requested quality and might even go a bit overboard all in the spirit of giving my level best. It is in such days too that I make a point of contacting the requester informing them of my interest in their particular niche and my willingness to work with them on the project. If the requester does accepts the offer then am guaranteed of 5-star ratings for every order, better yet, the special orders have a wider time span providing a more flexible schedule.

On other related issues, I’ve had a number of my friend who also write on iWriter ask whether I still write for standard requesters being an elite and all. Yes, I still do. As I mentioned earlier, I mostly write on topics that take my fancy, meaning they can either be elite or standard, regardless of the rank however, I always give my best. More often than not, I’ve written for a standard requester only to have them contact me and ask for a iwriter-rantpartnership after which they agree to increase the pay to that of an elite writer. You see, article requesters are out for one thing; quality, give it to them and you’ll get what you want.

Unfortunately, in every setting there’s always that one saddist; and iWriter is no exception. I’m talking about the requesters who don’t seem to know what they want or don’t know how to communicate what they want. They’ll have you spend your precious time creating an article for only to have it rejected with unsubstantial remarks, I prefer to avoid them.

Anyway, if you have been trying to get to the elite level but always seem to hit an obstacle every time, here are some helpful tips that might help you out;

Tip #1.

Always create quality and informative content- Take your time to go through the internet and get ideas on what these requesters really want

Tip #2.

Communication is vital- Feel free to contact your requesters and ask questions if you do not understand the project. Also, strive to create relations with your requesters, makes work much easier for you.

Tip #3.

Embrace being a newbie- Don’t work so hard to get off the standard rank, remember that even the biggest tree was once a seed, take your time to learn.


by Miss.Quality